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Investing offshore and getting a retirement visa – in Panama

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There are many people around the world who are transferring their money offshore to corporations and foundations in Panama; and in turn becoming eligible as applicants for Panama’s retirement visa scheme. This is not only providing people with promising and safe investment options with many benefits, but also the opportunity to live in an exciting, new environment with many of the comforts and services of home.

Transferring offshore

People choose to transfer their money to offshore corporations and foundations because it can provide a multitude of benefits that are not available in their own country. Some of these include: confidentiality, privacy, asset protection, tax minimization, investment diversification, international trade, and estate planning.

Many developed countries, such as the US, Canada, England and Australia are undergoing a ‘litigation crisis’ – and this appears to be worsening with time. In fact, it is said that in the US if you own a business or practice a profession, then in the next year you have a one in three chance of being a defendant in a lawsuit. Many people who practice their businesses and/or their professions carefully and honestly have still found themselves as defendants in lawsuits and consequently in many cases have lost all their assets - and sometimes left in serious debt.

You should take time to consider offshore investment options to protect yourself, your family and your business and/or profession. It is better to do act promptly and move your assets off shore well ahead of time to be fully protected. It is possible that if you are named as a defendant in a lawsuit and have not protected your assets then you could stand to lose all you have earned.

Transferring assets offshore - to Panama

Panama is quickly becoming a very popular location for people to transfer their assets offshore. There are many reasons that people are choosing to transfer offshore to Panama. Some important factors that support its strength as an offshore choice are:

  • Panama is the second largest international banking centre in the world (after Switzerland)
  • Panama has the second largest international distribution center (free trade zone) in the world after Hong Kong.
  • The presence of the Panama Canal, and its geographic location play a very important role in securing it as a strong international and national commerce and trading centre.
  • Setting up an offshore company in Panama is fast and affordable
  • Confidential information is not required (or registered)
  • The US dollar is used in Panama
  • Panamanian banks pay higher interest rates than others
  • The banking structure is very sophisticated and organized
  • Investing can allow eligibility to apply for a retirement/or other visa in Panama.

For further information about transferring assets offshore to Panama please click on the following links for investments, corporations, bank accounts, hedge funds, conventions.

Getting a retirement visa in Panama

The Panamanian government has created a number of laws which has now made it possible for foreigners to apply for a visa in Panama. These visa schemes were introduced to help encourage foreign investment to benefit the economy and local environment of Panama.

As mentioned previously, many people choose to invest in Panama so that they can become eligible for a retirement visa. Retirement visas in Panama are becoming very popular, especially amongst people from the US, Canada and Europe. It is relatively easy to apply for a retirement visa in Panama and the processing time is quite short. There are four main types of retirement visa:

  • Pensionado Visa
  • Private Income Retiree Visa
  • Person of Means Visa
  • Forestry Investor Visa


Many people are choosing to live and retire in Panama not only because it is a beautiful country with many attractions but because of many other reasons, including, the:

  • Relatively low cost of living
  • Safety
  • Political stability
  • High quality and cheap health care
  • Warm weather
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Safe tap water
  • Access to broad band internet/cable
  • Regular and safe flights to the US and Europe
  • Low cost of house and land prices
  • US dollar is the currency used.

Being an isthmus exposed to both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, Panama is a diverse and interesting country. It has a wealth of attractions, from spectacular nature to fascinating culture. Living in Panama you can have endless opportunities to relax and enjoy fine white-sandy beaches, tranquil mountains or idyllic island hide-aways.
Choosing to retire in Panama can provide you with an interesting, safe and relaxing environment to enjoy the rest of your years. For further information about retiring in Panama, please click the retirement visa link.

If you want to start a business for your investment purposes and or want to move/retire to Panama it is easy with a range of services available. To learn more about specific services available, click on the following subject links: mail forwarding, translations, secretarial, attorney services, Spanish language, virtual offices, cell phones, utilities/internet, health insurance.

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We can provide legal services such as forming a Panamanian Corporation or applying for a Panama retirement visa for around $800 each through special discounts arrnaged with local attorneys. Contact us for more information.







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